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COVID Impact acts as a central source for the latest information, research, conversations, and resources relating to COVID-19.
Information for sufferers and caregivers
Treatment information
Federal and statewide medical resources
Financial resources
Information on long COVID
Community support
Statistics reporting

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Latest News

New Research Suggests Paxlovid is Effective for Treating COVID-19

In the search for treatments to manage COVID-19, the antiviral medication Paxlovid has proven to be effective. During initial clinical trials, patients who took Paxlovid were less likely to have...
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Nasal Vaccine for COVID-19 in Development

Researchers are currently working on a nasal vaccine for COVID-19. Recently, two studies reported that nasal vaccines have significant potential for preventing COVID-19...
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COVID–19 Information

COVID-19 Symptoms
Vaccine information
Treatment information

Your Financial Safety Net in Uncertain Times

Your Financial Safety Net in Uncertain Times

Covid Impact is brought to you by Insurance Supermarket International Inc. We are committed to improving the lives of Americans through financial security and providing peace of mind in daily lives.
Government Resources
Get information on current government initiatives and support on COVID-19 for individuals and businesses.
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