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Financial Impact Due to COVID-19

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, how would you rate your overall financial situation? (Consider factors such as your savings, income, and ability to handle financial obligations.)

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Have your finances improved or worsened since March 2020? (Has your savings rate increased or decreased? Have you dipped into your savings account? Do you have more or less debt now?)

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Did you feel comfortable with your level of personal debt before the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Despite the impact of COVID-19, do you feel confident that you can continue to manage your debt level?

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Have you taken on more debt since the pandemic started?

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Were you able to keep working during the pandemic?

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If you lost your job, have you been able to find new employment?

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Do you have financial dependents? (Children, spouse, partner, parents, or siblings)

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How concerned are you about the financial future of your loved ones, especially if something unexpected happens to you?

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Thinking about how COVID-19 financially impacted you, would life insurance coverage have helped you feel more protected?

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If you already have a life insurance policy, have you reevaluated the benefit amount since the COVID-19 pandemic?

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